Unsafe Bull podcast

I’ve just learned about an interesting weekly podcast by Jay Batzner, an assistant professor at the University of Central Florida. Called “Unsafe Bull” (I don’t know why), every week he creates a short electro-acoustic work, creates a podcast about it, and slaps it up on the internet. He’s been doing this since February.

I’ve only listened to a few so far; it’ll take me a while to get caught up. But I’m enjoying not only the pieces, but the composer’s humorous comments on each one. They all tend to lean toward abstract sound manipulation. Many of his pieces use sounds from the Freesound Project (which I don’t know a thing about) mixed and mangled to the point of unrecognisibility (which probably isn’t a word).

Unsafe Bull is nominated for a Weblog award in the “Best Podcast” category. If you’re interested in strangely beautiful sound–and who isn’t–take a moment to check it out.

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