March 2009 update

A day early for once.

No arrangements of anything are on the table, which is fine with me (I’m still a little bit tired of them for now). But I currently have three new compositions in various stages of completion.

1. Cloudscapes for flute ensemble. Commissioned by Joyce Wilson for the ISU Flute Choir. Scored for 6 flutes, alto flute, and bass flute. In two movements, Cirrus, which is done, and Nacreous, currently in progress. Total duration will be about 6 or 8 minutes. This needs to be done fairly soon, so it’s been taking up most of my work time.

2. Untitled piece for cello & virtual instruments. This is something that’s been running through my head for several weeks, so I thought I should try to get it down on paper. This may eventually end up on the CD of relaxation music that Martha and I have been talking about for a while now. Instrumentation is still uncertain, but will probably be an accompanied duet for solo cello (real) and glass armonica (virtual), accompanied by virtual strings and synthesizer pads. I’ve mainly been working on it in my spare time between students. Currently a draft score is nearly done. I’ll probably work up a full score before I even think about recording it.

3. Trio for clarinet, bassoon, and piano. Because I’ve had to prioritize the flute choir piece, the trio has been on the back burner for a few weeks. I have a good beginning on it, though, and am looking forward to getting back to it.

Other stuff. My friend and colleague Alison Edberg is giving a viola recital in a few weeks, and wants to include several movements from Marin Marais’ viola da gamba works. She asked me to realize the figured bass for them, so I did. Also, I worked a bit on Strings In The Earth and Air this month. The draft is mostly done and the final score is in progress. It’s still a low priority because there are no performances planned yet. But I want to finish it soon, if I can.

I could also mention a few electronic pieces I’ve been doing for the last couple of months. I’ve mainly been doing these for fun more than anything else, so I haven’t mentioned them here. I think I should have something to say about them, but they really need their own entry, so I’ll talk about them tomorrow (I hope!).

And I’m thinking about redoing my website again! More about that later, too. Too much going on, as usual.

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