Delayed but succesful

My recital had been scheduled to take place on Wednesday this week, but the weather had other ideas. That day, of course, we had the biggest snowfall in 24 years!

Damien, who had to come from Indianapolis, was unable to come. Good thing he didn’t try, because there was a huge pileup on I-70. Kurt Fowler, though, was coming from Indianapolis too, and he made it. A couple of saxophonists were driving in from Crawfordsville, and for a while, there was some uncertainty about whether they were going to come in. But eventually they said they were going to make it, so I decided to put on an abbreviated recital.

Then ISU announced that they were closing the campus in the evening. So, no recital!

Martha and I spent the afternoon rescheduling everything. The recital hall was open on Friday, so we reserved it, and started calling around to see if everyone could come. Miraculously, everyone could!

It finally took place last night, and went off without a hitch. Everyone played beautifully, and the recital was pretty well attended. And I got a great recording. When I have time to work on it, I plan to upload some recordings.

I feel a little guilty, since it was my recital, but I didn’t really do anything. Everyone worked hard, and all I did was sit there and listen. I’m truly lucky to have such a dedicated group of performers to work with, and all their work is deeply appreciated.

I can’t allow another 25 years to pass before I give a recital again. But the next one will not be in January!

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