My recital

I’ve mentioned my upcoming recital a few times already, but haven’t gone into much detail. Since it is now only five days away, some detail would seem to be appropriate here.

First of all, I hate to think about this, but this is the first composition recital I will have given since my years as a grad student, approximately 25 years ago! Hard to believe. Hopefully the next one won’t have to wait until another 25 years have passed (which would make me 73 years old).

The performance will be next Wednesday, January 28, in the recital hall at Indiana State University, Terre Haute IN. Everyone’s been working hard, and I expect everything to go smoothly. If the recordings turn out well, I’ll try to post them later.

I’ll be typing up the program and writing program notes over the next few days. Here’s the program;

Links II for alto saxophone and cello
Paul Bro, saxophone, and Kurt Fowler, cello

O You Whom I Often and Silently Come
Sometimes With One I Love
Damien Geter, bass, and Martha Krasnican, piano

Martha Krasnican, piano

Were You There
Deep River
My God Is A Rock
Damien Geter, bass, and Martha Krasnican, piano

Between Spring And Summer
Nomine Saxophone Quartet

Wish me luck.

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