Carol of the Birds finished

Carol of the Birds is finished and has been sent in. The Garritan Community Christmas CD will be out sometime in November (one hopes!).

The version submitted was shortened from the original. We were supposed to keep things under 4 minutes for the CD, but I wasn’t paying attention to the length as I was working on it. Imagine my surprise when I actually checked the length and found that it was about 5 minutes 20 seconds. Yikes! How did that happen?

Oh, I know how it happened, of course. The song is 4 verses long, so naturally I wanted my arrangement to reflect that. But by adding an introduction and coda, and using a fairly slow tempo, I let the length get out of hand.

The fix was pretty easy, for once. I just cut the third verse from the arrangement and edited the transition somewhat. It now times out to 4 minutes 13 seconds, a little longer than it was supposed to be but not overly so. While the cut version will appear on the Garritan CD, I will post the full version on my website when I have time to update it, hopefully tomorrow. And of course, I’ll add a link from here as well.

My version of Carol of the Birds is scored for 10 solo strings, namely 4 violins, viola, 4 cellos, and double bass. The rather odd combination was dictated by the number of solo strings available in the Garritan libraries (contributors to the CD were restricted to using Garritan products). I used the Solo Stradivarius Violin as first violin and Gofriller Cello as first cello; for the remaining strings I just used all eight of the solo strings that are part of Garritan Personal Orchestra.

Now back to the piccolo concerto. The solo part is mainly done at this point, but there’s a lot to do yet on the orchestra score.

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