2008 – A Summary

Late again (as usual)¬†for a project update, but I’ve decided to be later. Instead, I’ll use this post to look back at what happened last year.

New Compositions.

  1. In Praise of Folly (trombone/euphonium/piano)
  2. Fanfare for Brass Quintet

(That’s it?!!!?)

New Arrangements

  1. Back Home Again In Indiana (a cappella chorus)
  2. Air Corps Medley (On a Wing and a Prayer, and Army Air Corps for voice and orchestra)
  3. I’m Gonna Float My Boat Right Back To Terre Haute (voice and orchestra)
  4. Shall We Gather At The River (voice and orchestra)
  5. Beyond The Sea (voice and orchestra)
  6. Stardust (voice and orchestra)
  7. The Way You Look Tonight (voice and orchestra)
  8. Unforgettable (voice and orchestra)
  9. Angels We Have Heard On High (v0ice and orchestra)
  10. Moon River (v0ice and orchestra)

Various other things, some unfinished, some still in progress, some I’m trying to forget.

It seems that 2008 was a year of arrangements. Which is fine, but I hope 2009 can be a year of compositions.

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