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New piece; “Intrada” for wind orchestra

Last week I finished “Intrada,” my first original band piece. I’m actually referring to it as a composition for “wind orchestra,” more of a hifalutin’ term for band. It’s in the capable hands of Roby George and the ISU Wind Symphony, who will begin … Continue reading

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Oh, yeah, I have a blog

This has really gotten ridiculous. In a lot of my recent posts I acknowledge that I don’t update the blog often enough, and promise to do better. So what happens? I let over nine months go by without an update. … Continue reading

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Viola Concerto–first and second movements

OK, here’s the rest of it. The first movement: And the second: Print copies of the piano reduction and solo part will be available soon at my publishing site.

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Viola Concerto; third movement on the interwebs!

Once again, too much time has passed since updating. More than usual, in fact. But I’ve been busy with various things, including working more on the Viola Concerto. I know, it’s actually been done since last July, but since the … Continue reading

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Viola Concerto premiere (with pictures!)

A bit late to be reporting this, I know, but my Viola Concerto was premiered as scheduled on Nov. 3. It seems to have been very well received; at any rate, I’ve heard nothing but positive comments. Logan played beautifully, … Continue reading

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Performances, recent and upcoming

Six weeks or so since my last update???? I obviously have no business even keeping a blog. Seriously, I shouldn’t even be on the internet at all. But I’m here now, so let’s see, what has been happening lately? A … Continue reading

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Viola Concerto complete

(Inserts usual apology for not updating more often.) I ran into some circumstances beyond my control which delayed me completing the Viola Concerto for a few days. The old computer  that I did all my music stuff on (and that I named … Continue reading

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Imperfect confidence

This image was being passed around on Facebook the other day. Assuming this is true, it might just mean that I’m the greatest composer ever!

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Other projects

Alongside the Viola Concerto, I’ve been working on several other projects that I haven’t yet mentioned. Allow me to mention them now. The Columbus Indiana Philharmonic plans to perform Richard Strauss’s Festival Prelude on an upcoming concert in the fall … Continue reading

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Viola concerto status, with marginally relevant digressions

I have been working on the third movement of the viola concerto, trying to finish it first. As of this morning, I have maybe two thirds of it sketched out, namely the exposition of a sonata form, a cadenza, and … Continue reading

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Estampie (the dance, not the group)

Browsing randomly through YouTube brought me to this video, a performance of an Estampie by the Renaissance Players in Sydney, Australia.   Silly costumes notwithstanding, this tune got stuck in my head, and gave me the idea of writing an Estampie … Continue reading

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Long-overdue updates, and some news

Completed: Auspicious Light for 2 pianos and percussion is finished. Sort of. I mean, it is, but I expect that there will be a few edits and revisions before I’m really done. Expected premiere date is sometime this fall. Current: … Continue reading

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